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Brazilian Partner Dancing Classes

Join our community by learning this beautiful Brazilian Partner Dance, Zouk Lambada.

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Zouk Lambada is a beautiful, flowy, sensual and meditative partner dance, originating from Brazil. 

The original “forbidden dance” was danced in the 80’s in the small town of Porto Seguro, Brazil. It became known worldwide with the famous ‘Lambada’ song by the French-Brazilian group, Kaoma. Over the past four decades, this dance has evolved in many ways, due to different types of music it has been danced on, which have been infused into the dance – from the French Caribbean ‘Zouk’ music, to RnB, to Brazilian Zouk.

What distinguishes Zouk Lambada from other partner dances is its soft and flowy movement. While it is a sensual dance, similarly to all latin partner dances, the movement feels incredibly natural, playful, expansive and almost meditative.

Another thing that is very unique to this dance are the beautiful head movements of the follower!

This is a life-changing dance that will bring you more confidence, connect you with your body, with fellow humans, and with your dreams. Come experience this joy with us.

Join our next 6 Week Beginners’s to Intermediate Course


September – Oct 2024 (Dates and times to be announced soon)
There will be 2 options: A Saturday Night in Constantia OR a Tuesday Night in Hout Bay – when booking, please select your preference.
75 Min lesson and 30 min practice
Cost: R980.00 per person / R1750.00 per couple


  • Couples and singles welcome!
  • No prior dance experience required.
  • Come with an open mind and ready to learn something new and have fun!

Contact Leigh: 072 183 2218 / info@danceandremember.com to reserve your spot!

Videos to inspire you:

Please note:  we are teaching beginner to intermediate level classes. Please try not get intimidated when you look at some of these advanced steps that I know many of you see when you google Zouk Lambada :) It can take one or even two years to get to these very advanced movements…. and when you get there, you will be ready for it! Please also note that we are teaching Zouk Lambada (Lambada / Lambazouk), and not Brazilian Zouk classes.


Are these Zouk Lambada OR Brazilian Zouk Classes?

These are Zouk Lambada classes. Sometimes knows as Lambazouk or Lambada.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, not at all. These classes are for singles and partners.

If I bring my partner, can I just dance with them?

We encourage the switching of partners throughout the night as this speeds up your level as a dancer. However, if you are strongly against that, you are welcome to just dance with your partner – just please inform us.

I am totally new to dancing. Will I be able to keep up?

Absolutely! We hold two groups per night. One for absolute beginners and another for beginners / improvers so that if you are totally new you have several weeks to learn the basics :-)

I have googled Zouk Lambada and feel very intimidated by what I am seeing.

Do not be discouraged! I want to address this in several different ways:

  1. Firstly, we want to come right out and say that this is not a sexual dance; It is a sensual dance and you can dance it how you like and what feels good for you.
  2. If you google this dance, you are going to find thousands of videos; with so many variety of styles and interpretations. Without getting into the complexities of this, have a look at some of the videos we posted on this page above – as that will give you a taste of what this dance looks like.
  3. The complex movements, especially the head movements of zouk lambada are for advanced dancers and can take a year or even more to get to! We start with basics and move from there.

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