Love and respect yourself
Alleviate stress and anxiety
Feel confident and worthy
Live purposefully

This is a 21 Day Program designed to strengthen and deepen your love for yourself.
It is Gentle. Yet Powerful!
It only requires 30 / 40 mins a day.

The E-Book also comes with 6 x Guided Audio Meditations that you will do on certain days.

Price: US$12.00 | R175.00

About the Author

Leigh Goodman introduces herself and why she wrote this book.

21 Day program to discovering and exploring SELF-LOVE.

  • This is a downloadable PDF E-Book, making it easy to read on your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop
  • It includes 6 guided audio meditations to support you on certain of the 21 days
  • You will be invited to join a our Facebook Group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, receive support from a community and express yourself freely.
  • Experience true transformation without having to spend thousands on therapy
  • Create a healthier relationship with yourself
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Alleviate anxiety, stress and depression
  • Let go of the past and anything that no longer serves you
  • Love and honour your body
  • Regain your confidence
  • Experience more balance and harmony within
  • Experience true peace and internal stillness