Sacred Union Dance is a space to reconnect to yourself, to feel deeply, to move, to dance, to embody and integrate your true divine nature through the sacred union of masculine and feminine within.

What does this mean?

Every week I will be guiding you through a different theme. Within that theme we will be working with opposites. This allows you to find your own dance within these polarities, to work through your Shadow parts and to activate your Light within that – so that you can find the sacred union that brings it into balance.

Every class, we will be gently working with light & shadow and masculine & feminine through the various themes that I will present.

Some examples:

  • Fear & Trust
  • Hiding oneself & Shining
  • Lies & Truth
  • Root Chakra & Crown Chakra
  • Self-Hatred & Self-Love
  • Hardning & Softening
  • Rigidity & Flow

Registration & Additional Information:

When: Every Wednesday Morning
7:00am – 7:50am (South African Time)

R375.00 / USD $35.00 for the month
(For January, the cost will be R175.00)

Bookings are only available on a monthly basis.
I.e – you are required to pay for the entire month. I am not offering these classes for individual weekly bookings.

Recordings will be available.

Payments to please be made before the 5th of every month. Please send POP to

For PayPal payments, please use the same email address above.
For EFT Payments, please email me to request those details.

If you require a recording, please email me after the class to request it.

I look forward to exploring Sacred Union Dance with you!