Leigh-Rose Goodman, Founder

I will guide you to find the Light within you; to walk the path of authentic expression and to let go of what no longer serves you – to face what you are fearing – so that you can know, embody and express your unique flavour of creation energy.

My gift is to create experiences for people to journey deep within their own consciousness through sound, movement, dance and music.

I created and taught my first class in 2009. For the first year and a half I focused on Chakra dancing. The classes slowly transformed and fused into other themes over the years, such as “awakening the feminine”, “the four elements”, “connecting to the ancestors” and so forth. In 2017 I discovered Innerdance which allowed me to deepen even more of what I was bringing forth into the world. This has been a true passion of mine and something that I feel I was natural born to do. I am a dancer of all kinds and through movement, sound, rhythm and vibration, it facilitates a space for me to Remember who I really am. Dance brings me back to myself, keeping me youthful, embodied and connected – where this Divine Unity and Pure Joy!

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Sharyn Timkoe

Sharyn was the first person to bring Innerdance to South Africa. With Leigh, they have been holding classes, workshops and trainings since 2017.

Riki Scruton

Riki completed the Innerdance Deep Dive with Sharyn and Leigh in 2018. He has since been co-facilitating classes in Cape Town. Currently Riki is holding space for Innerdance sessions in Johannesburg as well as other parts of Southern Africa.

Ali McDonald

Ali was introduced to Innerdance in 2020; whereby she had a powerful awakening experience which led her to study it further on a 6 month training. Ali currently co-facilitates classes in Cape Town, whilst completing her masters in Psychology.

Carly Esterhuizen, 2019

Eveline Keist, 2019

Denise Francklin, 2019

Cher Strydom, 2020

Lara Wesson, 2020


Milet Entres, 2020

Melissa Mukaiwa, 2020

Elmarie Venter, 2020

Lisa Davis, 2020


Joy Chau, 2021

Shannon Merchant, 2021

Andrea-Claudia-Rudolf, 2021

List of all other participants that have completed the Journey through Dance Teacher Training:

Alet Fick
Judy Lloyd
Candice Glenister
Margarita Ola
Sue Steyn
Charisma Van Der Merwe
Sara Tonini
Charney Engelbrecht