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Welcome to the world of Innerdance, a transformative sound healing modality and way of life that harmonises your body, mind, and spirit. Through the power of sound, frequencies and movement, Innerdance offers a unique journey to self-discovery and inner balance. 


You are lying down, eyes are closed, your breath is getting deeper and you start to relax. There is gentle music playing and the music is supporting you to relax more. You have nothing to do but just “be”. Your mind starts to settle. You are surrendering, letting go and dropping into a space of openness.

Through the enchanting melodies of Innerdance, we listen not only with our ears but with the entirety of our being, allowing healing vibrations to flow through every cell.

When you lie down in the Innerdance process, a type of reset takes place beyond time and space where one can free the mind from its normal conditionings.Throughout the journey, you undergo a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, exploring layers of long conditioned beliefs and neurological patterns. In this space, you are free to observe yourself from a uniquely objective point of view, outside of daily constraints, and discover parts of yourself that are often hidden.

The freedom of expression and genuine feelings in this process can feel remarkably liberating. You may feel to spontaneously move, shake, laugh, cry or even sing. For some, you might feel emotions or feelings that you have never felt before.

The facilitators utilise a specific science based and intuitive model, working with music, instruments, sound techniques and body touch to facilitate the co-activation of brain wave states through the use of sound.

A self-healing and awakening process through sound priming

The Innerdance process works on bringing people into intuitive, heightened and expansive states of consciousness.

The process is based on the analogy that our body is a book with stored memories that have been accumulated over lifetimes. With the analogy of the body being a book, the sound waves from the music allow us to access parts of ourselves we are ordinarily unconscious to. This can sometimes come through as spontaneous movements, memories, release or new ideas. A space one can tap into without inhibitions, constraints or fears. Through this, we navigate the Space of Time freely and we are therefore able to access the Universe.


The process utilises a powerfully crafted playlist with additional live instruments. The playlist and instruments are used to guide the arousal of particular brainwave patterns that allow for a breaking down of old patterns, old beliefs and the old self. If there are deep emotions that are held, this supports these emotions to come up and be addressed. Often people can’t control it – the emotions come up and they can ultimately face them – resulting in a healing or shift.


Benefits of Innerdance

  • Recalibrating the autonomic nervous system
  • Facilitating the release of trauma, stress, and anxiety
  • Supports disentangling trauma; helping to process without words
  • Positive changes in mood and physical states
  • Improving avoidance and addiction tendencies 
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Neurological rewiring
  • Encourages new inspiration and hope
  • Recalibrating hormones
  • Inviting more loving, self-compassionate and honest space
  • Being able to witness oneself without reaction or judgement
  • Accelerator of other self development processes

Addiction Clinics in Cape Town

Since November 2022, Riki and Leigh from the Innerdance South Africa team have been conducting regular monthly Innerdance sessions with an addiction clinic in Hout Bay called Hangberg Dreams. Over this period we have been gathering feedback from this group with incredible results!


“I have hope again!”

Client from Hangberg Dreams

When we surrender to our deep interconnectedness, a more essential energy unravels from within us

What is the Innerdance?

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Innerdance seemed to find me when I needed it most. Each time I’ve done a session it’s really showed me what I need to deal with in my mind that I’m not dealing with. It’s a very emotional experience for me but I think that’s mainly because I don’t make enough time for stillness in my every day life.
My last session really brought forward a lot of things that have been happening almost in the background of my mental health, which I maybe knew was there but wasn’t really dealing with. I’m so grateful for the session because n