Innerdance Intensive Training

South Africa

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Innerdance Intensive Training South Africa

Course Introduction

Welcome to our 4 month training program focused on teaching you how to become an Innerdance facilitator. 

Innerdance is a consciousness re-patterning sound and healing modality grounded in science, spirituality and sound vibrational techniques. 

In this training you will learn the Innerdance Frameworks to ground and accelerate transformation in yourself, as well as teach you how to create the space to facilitate this ground-breaking modality for others.

Some of you might want to do this training for your own self-development while others might be doing this with the intention of becoming teachers. All of you are welcome! 

You will be journeying deeply within these 4 months, therefore you have the opportunity to have your own rebirth and transformation.

The training will offer you a safe and sacred container to develop inner-wisdom, intuition and trust within yourself, as well as provide you with the knowledge and practice to offer Innerdance to your own community from an authentic, knowing and heart-filled space.

You will learn concepts around the brain, nervous system, the spine, chakra systems, regression, kundalini, sound waves, frequency, as well as all the Innerdance Frameworks that support the creation of the entire Innerdance experience which of course includes The Playlist. You will learn how to work with sound, music and instruments, and how to become vessels for healing and holding space for others through your own unique creation energy.

Who is this for?

This training is for:

  1. Wellness practitioners / therapists / counsellors / healers that are interested in this field of sound and movement and are seeking greater depth & resources
  2. Medical practitioners looking for alternative healing modalities to support their practices.
  3. Addiction clinics or trauma counsellors looking for alternatives for their patients.
  4. Anyone exploring and seeking knowledge through personal and spiritual growth.
  5. Anyone that is looking for alternatives to plant medicine. (Innerdance can activate a wakeful-dream space, which can be likened to a plant medicine journey.)

Your Facilitators

Leigh Rose

Leigh Rose Goodman is a creative and intuitive wisdom-keeper and sound alchemist. She is the founder of Dance and Remember. Her gift lies in creating experiences and safe containers for people to journey deep within their own consciousness to heal, transform and discover their own expression through sound, movement and dance. She is well-known for her gifts as an Innerdance facilitator, where she provides spaces for deep healing and Remembrance to occur.

Ali McDonald

Ali is a teacher and is working towards completing her Masters in Psychology. She has a background in Sound Engineering and a lifelong connection with music. Her natural healing and intuitive abilities, along with her continuous knowledge seeking of energy healing, led to a powerful awakening experience where she discovered Innerdance. She currently facilitates the modality and intends to bring the energetic healing frameworks of Innerdance to the psychology space to support holistic, deep healing.

“I have a deep passion and knowingness for the Innerdance process and it’s remarkable healing potential. One of my my intentions for this training is to spark a “Remembrance” within you, so that you can uncover your unique gift and wake up what is ready to be revealed that might be lying dormant inside of you – Always through unconditional love and trust. May this training support you to be a confident and grounded space-holder. May it be all you intend it to be and much more!” Leigh Rose

What you will learn:

  • Origins of Innerdance
  • Spontaneous movement in past cultures
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • The brain and how it gets affected
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Stages of transformation
  • Circadian rhythms & sleep wake cycles
  • Sound waves
  • Chakra systems
  • Heart awakening processes
  • Frequency & vibration
  • Song lines
  • The spine
  • Kundalini awakening
  • Near death experiences and life review
  • Regression hypothesis
  • The breaking of time
  • Healing addictions
  • The structure of the playlist
  • How to create the music
  • Technology
  • How to create sacred space
  • Energy clearing
  • Energy healing
  • Voice healing by singing to the bodies
  • Many demos
  • Many journeys
  • Many opportunities to facilitate
  • Additional self-study materials
  • Educational videos & audio recordings
  • And much more….


4 x full weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in-person compulsory training
9:30am – 5pm daily
(Venue is in Cape Town)


Feb 24 & 25
March 16 & 17
April 20 & 21
May 18 & 19

Additional zoom teaching calls to be held once a month.
Dates to be confirmed. If you miss these, they will be recorded if you cannot attend.


  • To have attended at least 2 Innerdance journeys
  • Commitment and willingness to learn and grow


Early bird discount – R16 000.00 paid by 15th Nov 2023 if paid in full.
OR R18 000 for the full training.

Payment in US Dollar is also accepted via Paypal. Please enquire regarding prices.

Payment terms:
40% upfront to be paid by 7th December 2023
3 / 4 / 5 / 6 month payment plans available thereafter.


This Innerdance training is accredited solely through Dance and Remember. We are currently not accredited with any association. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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    How did you hear about us

    “It has had a positive impact on my life, bringing about a sense of balance and tranquility that I hadn’t experienced before.”

    “I had this feeling of being danced. At times it felt so sacred. At other times it felt so playful! There were also times when repetitive movement would happen and i would be aware of it but i would just allow to happen to my body.”