This training is catered to not only teach you techniques and tools to become a movement and conscious dance facilitator, but it has been created to help facilitate deep healing, the awakening of your purpose, your essence and the true Teacher inside of you.

2022 Dates (Online Training)

Module 1: 10th – 13th November
Module 2: 24th – 27th November
Module 3: 8th – 10th December

2023 Dates (Online Training)

Module 1: Feb 16th – 19th (4 days)
Module 2:
March 2nd – March 5th (4 days)
Module 3: March 24th – 26th (3 days)

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I loved the Journey through Dance training and how we have been guided by Leigh. It has been a great balance between theory and practice and I especially enjoyed that Leigh touched and covered sooo many different topics (shamanism, trauma, spirituality, chakras, frequencies and so much more). Her experience and bright knowledge has been forwarded to us in a very understandable way and I feel very enriched and well prepared to offer my own Journey through Dance classes. Thank you so much, Leigh

Written by Andrea | (June 2022)
I highly recommend Leigh’s Journey Through Dance program. Leigh is a down-to-earth, highly knowledgeable and have rich experiences to share and to teach to others. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I have gained valuable insights while I was going through the course.
Written by Joy | (June 2021)
It was a life changing experience, that helped me work through a lot more than I thought I could handle at that time. Really helped me release that which no longer serves me and helped me build on a new stronger foundation.
Written by Wendy | (June 2021)

I did the JTD training over Zoom and it did not disappoint! Leigh has a beautiful energy and holds the space so nicely even online it was a great experience. The course is really practical which I loved, Leigh is really creative and showed us many ways we can put together our own dance journeys. The best part for me was being able to facilitate two journeys and get her feedback for improvements, this was priceless and I left feeling confident and inspired to use her teachings in my own business. Thank you x

Written by Shannon | (June 2021)

So much more than training! An adventure of self exploration, traveling deep within ones self & embracing unconditional love and acceptance for self & others. It is a magnificent flowing Soul Journey that shifted any doubts I have in my abilities & gifts. Allowing me to state claim to my personal Power.

Written by Lara | (August 2020)

The Journey through dance training was such a wholesome experience for me. Leigh is deeply intuitive and her practice and teaching mirrors this clearly. The training connected me to all parts of my being, I danced with and learnt about every facet of myself. The training guides you through a holistic approach to holding space for whatever arises within the dance journey and gives you the tools to facilitate with confidence and openness and clarity.

Written by Candice | (June 2020)

I am in the opinion that JTD teachers training is not only for those who want to just teach or facilitate healing spaces. I think that once you are in the training with the hopes and thoughts of taking what is taught to others, it gets revealed to you that you may be the one that needed the content taught more than the people you thought you were taking it to. Well that’s what happened for me. JTD also afforded me the opportunity to reflect on how I have been holding healing space in profession, and how better to improve myself and the manner in which I hold space.

Written by Sibongisiwe| (June 2020)

The Journey through Dance training is a rich and healing journey into the body, through the emotions and beyond into the imaginal. Leigh generously shares her knowledge and training in movement, energy work and shamanic ways which facilitates a fascinating inner journey as well as providing the tools for creating one’s own offering. Leigh holds the space safe and sacred and is attentive to and supportive of each person’s unique experience and the birthing of their own Journey through Dance.

Written by Luanne| (November 2019)

This was a profound time in my life. Leigh created an intimate and safe space for us to Journey through the “unknown” in ourselves. It opened the dark and the light and was at the same time wonderful and scary. Leigh thank you for your humble approach. Thank you that you held the space throughout the course with warmth and kindness. The most valuable was that I felt safe to be myself, to express and surrender to the pain and the joy. The freedom to “BE” The intimate space of a small group was most valuable. The information and guidance was wonderful. Thank you again for this life changing experience.

Written by Aletta | (November 2019)

I really benefited from the training and enjoyed it so much. I love being at a very welcoming and beautiful location with a good energy. I also admire the way you share your knowledge with us… calm, conscious, loving and confident. I also appreciate that you asked about our experience and made space to give in from our side and to ask whatever questions came up. The balance between theory and practice was perfect. Leigh has taken us on many unraveling, intense and playful journeys closer to our true self. Leigh creates a very safe space to (re-) discover hidden parts and strengths of our whole being. It’s about allowing yourself to be everything- powerful, soft, vulnerable, strong, loving, confident, insecure, feminine, masculine and so on! I have learnt how to bring the acquired knowledge about holding sacred space, the four elements, chakras, shamanism and so on into a class to support people to feel what they need to feel in this moment.So much has happened inside of me and it is still going on. I keep having meaningful dreams and I can feel that I’m growing through working with you and learning from you. While doing the journey through dance teacher training, it awakened my creativity and I feel incredibly inspired and confident to follow this path… I‘m so grateful to learn from you Leigh – there is just love and freedom and authenticity. I’m now convinced that this is my path and that’s an amazing feeling that drives me.

Written by Eveline | (September 2019)

I have just completed my Journey through dance teacher training with Leigh and am feeling immensely grateful. What stands out for me is the amount of knowledge you are sharing. Its not just about dance but incorporates all the elements on how to run a beautiful safe journey. I love all the info on how to facilitate classes. Thank you for creating such a beautiful training, I really feel it has been so invaluable. Leigh holds such sacred space and really out her soul into this training. It was so much more than a dance training as Leigh uses a holistic approach to her teaching. With her shamanic approach and down to earth, precisely and spiritual insights I feel so connected to my body and my feminine essence. Thank you Leigh fur sharing your gifts with us.

Written by Carly | (September 2019)

The course brings about change, and learning, and inner realisations – which will help in the long term when guiding others through this process. Highly recommended for those looking for personal shifts and changes and for those with a passion to guide others through that which is difficult.

Written by Judi | (May 2019)