An Introduction

The Dance Academy of Remembrance is a place of re-invention, transformation, fun, exploration, embodiment, empowerment, healing and deep spiritual growth. We offer classes, workshops and trainings for you to explore your own self through dance, movement, sound, music and voice.

We offer a variety of modalities including Journey through Dance, Innerdance and Awakening the Hidden Voice. 

When we can listen to our bodies and allow the dance, movement or sound to come from a place of intuition and trust, we have the opportunity to connect deeply with our soul, our inner-child, our true spirit, our purpose and our essence.

This is a space for you to experience freedom, release, a shift in consciousness, joy, surrender, truth, healing and transformation; taking you into places that you might have forgotten, so that you can access your True Nature.

Who is this for?

This is for you who feels Called… and is ready to Remember more of who you are and what you might have forgotten.
It is for you who is ready to break down and deconstruct the patterns and old belief systems that are stored within you that no longer serve you.
It is for you who feels a calling to reconnect to your body; who loves dance, music and sound; who is curious to explore your deepest Self and who is called to explore your own universes within. It is for you who has never danced but has always wanted to! It is for you who naturally loves to dance and wants to use the dancing and movement to access more inner joy, wisdom and peace. It is for you who has lost confidence in yourself and are looking for a fun medium to re-invent and re-ignite that inner flame. 

Why has this been created?

This is Leigh-Rose’s best way to transmit what she knows to support others to awaken. This has been a Calling for her to set up.
It is time to unite the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within through bringing them to Oneness through the Inner Dancer.
It is time to rewire ourselves so that we can Wake Up, ground our potential and bring True Joy back into our lives.

To read more about Leigh-Rose, please click here to visit her personal website.