The Healing

Powers of Dance

Our classes are suitable for everyone!


When we dance or listen to music, certain neurological effects take place. Listening to music increases blood flow to the brain that generates and control emotions. After many years of observing participants, something starts to “light” up when people get out of their minds and into their bodies – A door is opened; a new perspective seeps in; and movements start to evoke a natural feeling of joy. At Dance and Remember; we strive to create these spaces for a true reconnection to yourself – weather that be through Journey through Dance, Innerdance and Zouk Lambada. We want you to find your spark and to begin to learn to embody that more and more….


When one has had a traumatic event in one’s life, its often difficult to speak about it. With dance therapy and the classes that we offer here at Dance and Remember, we create a container for you to process potentially very difficult situations without having to speak about it at all! The body holds the memory and trauma of the “event”. When we allow our body to speak through the dance, there is a deep trust and allowance that takes place where one can begin to automatically unravel the tight story that has been trapped in the body.


One of the common types of feedback we get from hundreds of students over the years is the immense clarity they receive during the session. The reason that this happens is because we are giving you the space to be with you in a very focused way. The mind starts to settle, the heart starts to open and what then “pops” is the clarity. When we are so busy with our daily life, it is very hard to receive the answers we are looking for. With our classes here at Dance and Remember, we strive to create safe containers for expansion and clarity, for the “aha’s” to drop, and for you to Remember your purpose.


What does transformation really mean? It is the change from one thing to another. So that could be confusion to clarity; sadness to joy; hatred to forgiveness. Transformation comes about for different people at different times in a variety of different ways. The process can be ecstatic, painful, slow, fast, scary or very joyous. What matters is that if you keep showing up for yourself, transformation will happen! We celebrate Transformation here and when it does happen to you, feel grateful and Remember it!