through Dance

A sacred guided conscious dance class whereby we allow our bodies to move intuitively in every moment how it feels called to move and respond.

About Journey through Dance

Journey through Dance is a conscious dance modality inspired and created by Leigh Goodman. Each journey is guided, with intention to support the participant to reconnect with their body and their true feelings. It has the ability to support transformation and can help to give shape to that which is difficult to express in words. Through the dance one has the freedom to explore and express in a way that has no boundaries.  This allows the participant to become more present with themselves, inviting more honesty, authenticity, alignment and connection.

You do not need to know how to dance

A great thing about these classes is that you do not need to be a dancer! The journey invites your body to move and respond intuitively; allowing you to access honest, authentic and unique expression. When we begin to move our bodies in this way, we build a strong connection to ourselves and we can finally relax into our Being-ness.

Letting go of stress and re-establishing connection

A Journey through Dance class is a space for deep healing, release, inspiration, expansion and transformation. Classes may assist in letting go of negative emotions, stagnant energy, pain, anger, stress and trauma. Dancing is about connection. In a time when there is so much disconnection, dance is a wonderful universal tool to help us to connect more deeply.


So, how is your dance? How are you moving in life? Do you feel stuck or trapped? Are you wanting to change certain aspects of your life? Are you sitting with deep emotions that no longer serve you? Perhaps it’s time to move them and ultimately let them go and transform them.

Monday Weekly Classes in Constantia

This class is a space to support you to:

  • Reconnect with your body
  • Feel free and uninhibited with your expression
  • Dance and express as you feel
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Find inner stillness
  • Rebalance and reset your nervous system
  • Ground and centre
  • Process emotions without speaking

Every Friday morning (Starting 1st March): 11:15- 12:15 – Please arrive 5 minutes earlier so that we can promptly!
Aya Centre, 47 Dreyersdal Rd, Bergvliet
R140.00 per class OR R480 for 4 classes (booked upfront and to be used within the month)
Bookings are required – Please fill in the form below OR text for last-minute bookings 072 183 2218

Journey through Dance Teacher Training

This 11 day training is catered to not only teach you techniques and tools to become a movement & conscious dance facilitator, but it has been created to help facilitate deep healing, the awakening of your purpose, your essence and the true Teacher inside of you.

If you are interested to become a Journey through Dance facilitator or integrate this type of conscious dance modality into what you are already doing, please go to the Journey through Dance Teacher Training page for more information.

This training is subject to requests and is offered in-person and online a few times a year.


I am still glowing and full of energy! Thank you again for providing such an amazing journey. I loved every second and am still processing a lot of things that came up.

Written by Wendy

Over the years, I have attended a number of Journey Through Dance classes offered by Leigh. Leigh continues to hold a gentle – yet powerful supportive space for her clients and students – no matter where you find yourself at the time. I love the balance of personal reflection and movement that she offers through her workshops and classes. I sincerely hope you get to experience it for yourself. Thank you Leigh!

Written by Meryl

It really was a beautiful class…in a beautiful space… and had some amazing insights through it, which I think are still integrating:) would definitely do it again:)

Written by Tracey

It was really amazing. I totally forgot how much I love dancing. It was so amazing to just be me and let my hair down. Cant wait for the next one.

Written by Melissa
I have felt more connected to my authentic self this week. Having had so much quality time danc