Ready for a Life-Changing Day?

Transform, Rejuvenate, RESET

Book today for the next RESET Experience taking place in June 2024 (Date to be revealed soon!)


Is life just too fast where you feel like you are losing yourself in the chaos?

There are many reasons in life to be grateful, but sometimes we just feel:

⚪ Overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done in a day
⚪ Depressed and losing hope that things will never change
⚪ Exhausted at the end of every day
⚪ Guilty that you are not enjoying the good things in your life

Imagine there was a way to reconnect to your authentic self and deeply rest!
Well there is, and I have personally curated a one day program to take you there.

We all have the ability to deeply just need to be shown the way.

You need a day dedicated to you, a breakaway from the rush of everyday life to deeply rest and recharge.

Don’t wait until life slows down, or you have more time for yourself, give yourself the gift of deep rest, renewed purpose and increased vitality!


I have facilitated deep transformation for
thousands of people, and I want to help you!

Hi my name is Leigh Rose Goodman, and I have over 20 years of experience facilitating the process of transformation for thousands of people. I am the founder and owner of Dance and Remember, a company dedicated to helping people live a life that is filled with joy and purpose.

I have personally curated this one day RESET experience to be a transformative retreat designed to give you the time to…

  • Be still with yourself
  • Listen inwards
  • Quieten your mind
  • Nourish your Soul
  • Return to your natural state
  • Deeply rest

Have you tried therapy, other healing techniques, medications or even a spa day?

Do you still feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

Do you need something that helps you connect back to your own natural self in a single day?


The one day RESET experience.

This transformative retreat has been designed to give you the time to be still with yourself, to listen inwards, to return to your natural state and to deeply rest.

June 2024 (Date to be revealed soon!)

Book today and during our one day program you will …

  • Receive guidance from an experienced facilitator
  • Achieve a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that allows you to truly rest
  • Experience authentic self-connection and introspection to find your own natural self
  • Benefit from cutting-edge and scientifically-proven sound healing methodologies to guide and relax you.
  • Enjoy a nourishing meal designed to complement the reset experience.
  • Immerse in a serene environment conducive to healing and transformation.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey.
  • Invest in your well-being and personal growth to leave with a greater sense of purpose and clarity
“The Reset for me was a time away from my every day activities to reflect on me and listen to my intuition!”
Written by Lara

What would this renewed lease in life be worth to you?

Regular therapies, medications, and spa days only offer temporary relief and which can therefore cost thousands of Rand.

That is why I created the one day RESET experience for you

A full day program that includes a delicious healthy lunch usually costs more than R3500

But I am currently offering the RESET Experience at a 50% discount.

…or 62% discount when you book as a couple!

That is only R1750 per person or
R1350 per person when booked as a couple.

To ensure that we are able to offer you an incredible experience with personal attention, we are limiting our enrollment to 15 people only!
If you book now you will also get 2 incredible bonuses valued at over R300 FREE.

Bonus 1:
21 Days to Falling in Love with Yourself (Ebook) R175

This is a 21 Day Program designed to strengthen and deepen your love for yourself.

It is Gentle. Yet Powerful!
It only requires 30 / 40 mins a day.
The E-Book also comes with 6 x Guided Audio Meditations that you will do on certain days.

Bonus 2:
The “AIR ELEMENT” Sound Journey R144

A transformative experience that taps into the power of the Air Element to inspire, change and expand your being to its greatest potential.

In this FREE resource, you’ll discover the profound whispers of the Air and how it communicates with you.

R1750 pp or R1350 pp when you book as a couple

This transformative RESET Experience has been designed to give you the time to be still with yourself, to listen inwards, to return to your natural state and to deeply rest.

June 2024, 9:30- 5pm,
(Date to be revealed soon!)