Awakening the Hidden behind “The doorway into the Heart”

Within the heart lie the secrets of our soul
It is a multi-dimensional gateway into the sacred fountains within us
It is a door that we often like to keep closed
For many of us, we have protected this doorway to not feel what is there.

…are you ready to reveal what’s hidden behind your doorway into your own Heart?

What is within the cave of your heart that is ready to speak to you?
What lies hidden in your Heart space that you are ready to discover?
What fear do you have around opening up this gateway?
What secrets and mysteries lie hidden behind these walls that you are ready to Remember?
How does your body respond to the Hidden messages when you open the doorway into your own Heart “?

The Entrance door
to this sanctuary
is inside of you


When you purchase this playlist, you will receive:

  1. How to prepare for the journey (PDF)
  2. Information about the subject (PDF)
  3. Introduction Audio (Mp3)
  4. Facilitated playlist (Mp3)
  5. Playlist on its own (Mp3)

Intentions & Benefits

  • Unveiling the Truth of Who You Really Are
  • Opportunity for Deep Healing and Clearing
  • Transformational Shadow Work, bringing you closer to your Remembering
  • Receiving physical, emotional, mental and spiritually healing
  • For your expression, voice and True Spirit to be seen, heard and experienced
  • Deeper Trust Within yourself
  • Letting go of old belief systems & patterns
  • Letting go of old paradigms of consciousness
  • Ancestral & Past Life Clearings (if appropriate for you)
  • More flow in your life
  • Increased Confidence
  • Birthing True Inner Power
  • Awakening Heart Consciousness
  • Increased Consciousness and Awareness of Self
  • Bringing you into a direct experience of yourself as energy
  • Rising of appropriate Kundalini energy