Transforming Creation Energy (Transformation Series)

Everything is Creation. We are creating all the time – whether it is consciously or “by default”.

Creation energy gives birth to that which we direct it to and is also impacted by where it comes from within and how much fear or unconditional love resides in us.

Creation energy that is cultivated through Oneness is Source Energy which is linked to the creation of the universe. We each have the potential to create from this space! However we also have the potential to create through separation and fear.

In order to evolve, grow and master duality, we have had to experience both sides of the coin of creation energy.

All of us hold a unique creation potential; a unique creative blueprint or flavour – which makes us who we are. You could call this ‘Your Higher Purpose”

When we master our own creation energy from a place of unconditional love, Divine Union with Source, through a deep connection to Mother Earth, our own HIgher Self and the Remembrance of whom we truly are, we are then mastering our Creation Energy here on Earth.

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